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Miss Fit Skinny Tea (14 Day Teatox) + Free Infuser

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Product Description

With Miss Fit Skinny Tea's powerful 14 day Teatox, you will be the most confident you. Our blend of 9 Natural Herbal Ingredients have all been hand selected by our Nutritionist and formulated to give you the best teatox experience possible.

This is a 100% natural product that uses only the best and most effective ingredients to support your body and mind. The special blend of nine botanicals work together and may help to increase metabolism, prevent sugar cravings, reduce bloating, boost energy, burn fat, alleviate PMS symptoms and make your skin glow. 

Miss Fit Skinny Tea DOES NOT CONTAIN LAXATIVES, making it perfectly safe to drink if you are using the contraceptive pill. 

Perfect Purity: Miss Fit Skinny Tea contains no sweeteners, additives or hidden nasties. So what is inside? Only the most potent and effective herbs that have been used for centuries in Chinese medicine - Lotus Leaf, Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Pu'Erh Leaf, Sencha Green Tea, Fennel, Chamomile, Rhubarb Root, Lemongrass and Goji Berries.

Let's examine the ingredients in a little more detail.


Mighty Metabolism: Do you have a history of repetitive weight loss and weight gain? Years of yo-yo dieting doesn't do your metabolism any favours. Isn't it time you showed it some TLC? The Asian and Middle Eastern populations recognised the power of the Lotus Leaf over 5,000 years ago. Although previously used to treat gut issues, it has more recently become known for its effects on the metabolism. In a recent study, test subjects who consumed lotus leaf in hot water absorbed less fat and carbohydrates from food and burned fat as a faster rate!!


Blast Belly Fat: Garcinia Cambogia Extract (GCE) comes from the rind of an Indian fruit called tamarind. It works by blocking the enzyme in the liver that is responsible for the default function of converting sugar and carbs to fat. So instead of fat cells getting plumper, GCE 'plugs' the fat cells and directs sugar and carbs to the energy stores where it can be burnt off. The body is processing less fat and is under less stress, so less cortisol (the belly fat creating hormone) is produced.


Combat Cravings: The second way that GCE works is by sending signals to the brain that release more serotonin, our happy hormone. This happiness can stop us craving stress foods like sugar and refined carbohydrates, providing a positive impact on appetite suppression


Beat the Bloat: Fennel is well known for soothing digestive issues. It's high magnesium content helps relax the gut lining and minimise bloating and cramps. Chamomile is another popular herb used to treat Gastrointestinal issues. It can reduce heartburn and dissipate gases in the gut which are responsible for bloating and stomach pain. 


Easy Energy: Love the buzz from a cup of jo, but less than enthusiastic about the jitters and inevitable come down that follow? Sencha Green Tea contains a modest amount of caffeine with a substantial amount of L-Theanine to balance it out. L-Theanine is an amino acid that balances out the negative side effects of caffeine. It can improve brain function, reduce stress, induce relaxation and improve sleep quality. A tea that is possible to boost energy and mental clarity during the day, but can have you sleeping like a baby at night.... Now that's what I'm talking about.


Liver Loving Lemongrass: Your liver is the ultimate multi-tasker. You probably don't give it much thought, unless you're thinking 'my poor liver' after one too many vodkas! What you may not know is, the liver plays a crucial role in fat metabolism. A stressed out liver causes inflammation of fat cells which inhibits the flow of substances in and out of the cell. Fatty acids cannot be released for metabolism and glucose needed for energy cannot get inside. So yes, a malfunctioning liver is a major contributor in fatigue and weight loss resistance. Lemongrass is a commonly used herb in Asian cooking. The Thais use it as a natural detoxifier. It can help break down cholesterol, excess fats and other toxins in the body, while stimulating digestion and blood circulation. Is it any wonder that Thai women have such slender figures and beautiful skin?


Good to Glow: Pu'Erh Leaf is packed full of antioxidants that make your skin glow from within. It's high content of Vitamin E and C can help reduce blemishes, sun damage and wrinkles while helping to promote an even skin tone. Rhubarb Root is high in the carotenoid Lycopene, which can help promote skin cell renewal and prevent collagen breakdown. With this blend of beautifying botanicals, you may even have the bare faced cheek to go make up free!




The Scoop on Poop! Not a very sexy topic, but the frequency of your bowel movements can say a lot about your health. If you're one of the many people who don't have a daily bowel movement, then guess what..... YOU'RE CONSTIPATED This has more side effects than just discomfort, constipation can lead to a toxic build up, weight gain and low energy. If this is a problem, then I have some berry good news for you! Goji Berries are extremely high in fibre which may aid digestion, increase satiety and prevent constipation without the nasty effects of a laxative. They have also been found to be the most antioxidant rich fruit in the world and that's why these tiny nutritional powerhouses are truly deserving of their superfood title. 


The Taste Test: I know what you're thinking; you're a Barry's Gold Blend kind of gal. When it comes to herbal brands, let's just say they're not your cup of tea! Green tea may be great for health and longevity, but who wants to drink something that tastes like a medley of weeds from your back garden. Rest assured, this is a tea that you will LOVE drinking. No bitter aftertaste, but a summery, citrus flavour, with a hint of fennel. You are guaranteed you won't find a taste like this in any other herbal tea. 

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